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What Features Can You Expect In A Waterproof Phone?

Water and electronics dont mix: fact. This certainly is normally the case. However, with mobile technology now being a requirement rather than a luxury, and everyday life involving a little rain - if not harsher wet environments of outdoor work or hobby pursuits - phone manufacturers have needed to face this problem head on. A new generation of waterproof phones have been born: excellent technology with all the add-ons we the consumers expect, in a waterproof casing that doesnt detract from the overall user-friendly nature or look of the phone.

Phones such as the Crosscall Odyssey+ or the Cat S40 Tough Phone are built to marry the conundrum between functionality and versatility. These types of phones are changing the market, and its no longer an oddity for a phone to be able to take a tumble in to a bucket, or to be splashed at the roadside, and to live to tell the tale. Its now more a case of foolishness if you dont have one of these phones that can actually withstand real life use. So what can you expect from a waterproof phone and how does it differ from a regular market-standard smart phone?

These phones have been designed for both the leisure and the workplace market. Originally with watersports and beach leisure in mind, these phones are now built to not only withstand the accidental spills of life, but also be used whilst partaking in watersports, or at the pool, or the beach. These rugged handsets are designed to be durable and long-lasting whatever is thrown at them.

You can expect your phone to be smart and not lose out to design simply because it is meeting the requirement of being waterproof. The CAT B15Q for example, looks so similar to a regular smartphone with uncompromising design and style whilst encompassing all that is needed in terms of functionality. These phones tend to look good as well as being dust, shock and waterproof whats to lose?

You can expect a touchscreen. You shouldnt need to compromise the user-friendly touchscreen technology you know and love and return to clumpy keypads simply because you want a Waterproof Phone. Phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 incorporate effortless touchscreen technology with a waterproof casing. These phones remain responsive to touch even when you have wet fingers or gloves on.

You can expect watertight seals on jacks and entry points, whether this is achieved through rubber flaps or internally lined entry points. Not only does this ensure no ingress from water, it ensures there is no ingress from dust or other harmful particles. Such ingress can be a problem in regular phones even from those who just are regularly putting their phone in and out of a pocket or bag.

You can expect decent high-quality camera technology. Phones such as the Xperia Z1 are designed to enable the user to take good pictures in damp conditions, and even underwater. Many of the rugged phones that incorporate waterproof technology also incorporate the same quality camera technology of a regular smartphone.

You can expect the best of Dual-Sim technology. If you require a dual-sim phone you shouldnt have to compromise by forgoing the tough waterproof option. There are now many dual-sim tough phones on the market that enable you to achieve the versatility you need to balance your life and make use of the best contracts for different purposes. This isnt a luxury any longer but a real tangible option across many waterproof smartphones.

In short, what you can expect from a waterproof phone is the same in terms of functionality as a top-of-the-range smartphone. The water-proofing is an addition to an already excellent phone. You can achieve the best of both worlds.


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