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The Importance Of Backup Camera For Cars

Most of the modern cars come with a backup camera. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) passed an important piece of legislation in March, 2014 with the view of preventing back-up accidents. The regulation has set a 2018 deadline for rear-view monitoring technology to be integrated into all passenger vehicles sold and leased in the United States. This technology will consist of a backup camera in most vehicles. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the importance of backup cameras for cars.

According to the federal agency, the US requires sufficient rules enacted to curb the trend of back-over accidents. Back-over accidents usually results in more than 15,000 accidents a year and at least 210 deaths. In fact, more than 31% involved in these unfortunate accidents are children below the age of 5-years. There have been several studies conducted to show the effectiveness of backup cameras for cars. A recent study concluded that more than 57% of drivers in cars fitted with backup cameras were able to avoid the backing over a stationary object that has been placed behind their vehicles. A report published in 2014 by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) revealed that more than 75% drivers in vehicles that were equipped with backup cameras and audible sensors were able to avoid back-over accidents thanks to these devices. This is how important backup cameras for your car.

Rear-view cameras were only available in the high end models of cars up to now. But with the new regulation in force, all automakers have to adhere to the rule as integrate backup cameras in their makes and models. This can increase the base price of the vehicles to a certain extent. The technology to include the backup camera costs a bit extra at the current moment. But with new technology being invented in the future, the price to integrate a backup camera in a vehicle will decrease to a certain extent. Most of the car manufacturers are devising new methods to integrate the backup camera system in to their vehicles right now. Hence, we need to be patient and watch the new developments in the area.

In conclusion, backup cameras for cars can help prevent back-over accidents to a large extent. The aforementioned article provides a comprehensive overview of the importance of backup cameras for your car. It will help save so many lives in the long run.


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