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Is Your Website Is As Secure As It Needs To Be

Whether you are using somebody else to design and build your website or you are doing it yourself there is a very high chance it will be built on a framework such as WordPress.

WordPress has successfully survived the test of time and is still one of the most popular content management systems on the market. Being an open source software is free to use and offers you everything that you could require to build your website, no matter what the style of the site, no matter what your website development experience, no matter what web design techniques you want to deploy.

WordPresss flexibility is the reason that it is used on many different styles of website. Whether you are looking for a basic blogging platform, an Ecom online store or a website that profiles your company, WordPress will have that covered.

Right from your very first time using the WordPress framework you will see how easy it is to move around and access all of the features that you require. Whatever the basic framework cannot cover you will always be able to find a WordPress plugin to add the feature that you need. Adding the plug-in to the site and setting it up is simple and just a matter of a few clicks. No matter how complex the plug-in may be it will always remain just a question of you adjusting a few settings and clicking a couple of buttons.

A prime concern when building a site is to ensure that it is a secure from hacking as possible. WordPress security is as robust as you need it to be. Just a few clicks and a tweak here and there of your site settings and you will find that WordPress is robust enough to see out most low-level attacks on your site.

Your first priority is to make it as difficult as possible for unwanted visitors to access your administration area. Start off with insisting on strong usernames that contain some random elements. Passwords also need to be as random as possible, using a combination of characters [upper and lowercase], numbers and symbols.

Most hackers look for the easiest route in and if youve taken the time and trouble to beef up passwords and usernames many will simply go on to the next easiest target.

Because WordPress is so popular it is a target for many hackers. So an important part of protecting your site is to make sure that the framework is kept up-to-date with the latest version installed. Its equally important to any plug-ins that youve added to your site are also updated whenever a new version becomes available.

It isnt a difficult task to put some basic protection in place but if you feel that you would be happier with a security expert taking a look at things you will find it easy to find someone that can help. Spending a little bit at the beginning could be a sensible decision if it means a secure site and no problems further down the line. Remember, no matter how much you spend on SEO techniques and marketing, if your site security is compromised its going to cause you a lot of trouble.


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