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I Am A Musician - I Use My Fourflexx Stand To Hold My Music Notes When I Am Playing

Music as an art is both professional and recreational.

Today, it is not a must to walk around with a hard copy of music notes. I can have them stored in my iPad. It is only the piano that has a slot to place the hard copies. The other instruments do not have the same allowance. This makes the FourFlexx stand very essential as I play instruments using music notes from my iPad.

Since the stand inclines the iPad to a position where I can clearly see the notes, it is easy to read and interpret them unlike when I have the iPad on a flat surface like a table. It is hard to keep looking at the iPad and back to the keys on my piano or guitar.

The holder is also safe for my iPad unlike when I have to hold it in my hands. My music sessions are sometimes long and tiring. I fear that my fingers cannot be trusted to hold this cherished device for as long without letting go. When it comes to my electronics, I take no chances. They are expensive.

The FourFlexx tablet stand also makes it possible for me to turn the iPad at an angle where I can clearly see the music notes, be it slanted forward or backward or any other direction. The ball points on the stand make the rotation possible. This is one flexible iPad floor stand.

The fact that I can adjust the stand√Ęs height to any level means the stand caters for all situations. For example, if am sitting on a high stool or a low one, I simply adjust the height accordingly.

The stand enables me to concentrate more on playing the music notes and not struggling to play them and at the same time hold the iPad. This makes work easier especially when am doing personal practice. My hands are free.
The compatibility of this stand with several brands of tablets makes it ideal for the music industry where there is diversity in terms of brands. As long as my tablet is between 7 inches and 13 inches in diameter, it will fit snugly on the stand.

I can also turn one of the four legs of the stand into a holder for my smartphone. This enables me respond to calls, text messages and emails, I do not miss a phone call just because my phone is at a distance from me.

The LXORY tablet stand is such an important tool that I carry it around with me wherever I go to play music. I do not allow inconveniences to slow me down when I have a solution right at home.


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